what is accubitus?

its a dead word. got a cool new book on tuesday called the word museum. its basically a dictionary of dead english words. so accubitus is to lay with someone without having sex. what a cool word. i’m not sure, but i think it may have something to do with the cubitus, which is a name for a bone in the body, somewhere around the elbow. (maybe it is the elbow… not sure)
so my new song: “They Lie Together Passionate in Death (Requiem Accubitus eXception)” isn’t that people were doing it when they were dead but that they died as lovers (and they didn’t really want to die).

in other news, i drove to eagles mere last night. it was intense. a lot of rich people must live out that way. either way i’m determined to go out there when its beautiful out and stay at the inn for one night. ONE NIGHT. i think three or four of us should go. any takers?

also i’m going to nyc as soon as i get my license renewed and i get my oil changed. yeeehaw!

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