the links, the links, and oh yeah, the album!

hey hey everbody. today’s post is a veritable cornucopia of my surfing finds! first i would like to point your attention to **edit** it seems to be a neat little file hosting thing done mostly in web 2.0. thanks chris

second up is smartFTP. this is a great ftp client for those of you who are masters of their so-called webdomains. i’ve used the program since i can remember having a website. the new 2.0 release seems to be really great too!

third is the honorable and mighty gMail. You may have noticed the fun new annoying badge that isn’t really the same size as the other badges. (how annoying.. OCD) well, i haven’t changed my email its still rlee at ethereal nation dot net, but that email now forwards to my gmail box for its sorting/conversation goodness

fourth in lieu of my google obsession/conversion i got the new google desktop and the helpful gmail notifier to make gmail my default email client. i also was able to really quickly import my contacts from plaxo (thank-you). though i’m not sure how that will work with gmail. probably will have to use it separately from now on.

FINALLY! i have officially finished the last three tracks of Our Souls Will See Farther Than Our Eyes. I have uploaded them and linked them to the album page. next on the musical tour, i will be developing some marketing materials and art, i might even press a few. i will then be working on a performance schema of some sort since i’m not totally comfortable sitting in front of my lappy pressing buttons while people watch. then i will have a record release party. i am also planning on launching marketing stuff on pure volume,, and some other places that i may find along the way.

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  1. Chris LaGarde April 11th, 2006 6:49 am

    yo yo, – it’s box.NET not .COM. Silly

  2. Tom April 11th, 2006 10:32 am

    I saw Four Tet awhile ago, and that was just a guy standing on a stage pressing buttons on laptops for an hour. And you’re right, that’s not a particularly compelling live show. So good luck trying to figure out a way to do that.

    Also, where did you get that mac os skin for your windows that I always see on your computer? Because windows’ colors are making my eyes hurt more and more and that would also be the perfect way to express my envy of mac owners. (me = computer stupid)

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