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i know an article with such an ambivilent/ambiguous title could be quite daunting. i did that on purpose. the story i am about to relay is not for the faint of heart. i would also like to begin by saying none of what i’m about to say is tom’s fault. while he was the catalyst for my “update” which took me the better part of the day, and all of my advanced authoring class, in the end i can only blame myself for pushing my computer to its limits in my relentless pursuit of neat little windows performance and appearance gadgets.

in my last post, dear tom asked me where i got my Mac OSx skin for my windows XP system. easily enough answered. i use flyakite OSX. and though there are many similar programs or methods, i find this one to be the easiest and most thorough. so when he asked me i decided to visit the site to see if my flyakite was the most up to date. well, it wasn’t. the latest version out is 3.5 and my version was only 2.0. how irresponsible of me. in my defense, flyakite has an update system, but apparently in version 2 it was only for minor system file updates. my bad!

upgrading to the latest flyakite seemed like a great time to uninstall some other underlying software that had been an ignorable nuisense(sp?) up to that point. removal of all these software titles forced me to reboot three times before i could install flyakite and then installing flyakite forced another reboot. mmmmmm. fun… the next thing i know i’m going through my program files adding icons to RK launcher (included in flyakite) and fixing the icons in my taskbar. how blase(`).

one upside to this whole escapade is that i found a neat new tool for what seems to be a pretty common windows annoyance. i had a file on my desktop that i was downloading when the server went down. firefox, while usually dependable, didn’t want to resume the download, so i was left with a fragment of a file that kept trying to run itself. when i would try to delete it windows would give me an error saying that it was in use and i couldn’t delete it. after scouring the internet i found the unlocker. a small little app that lets you unlock and delete those little annoyances with a really really simple click of the button. use this responsibly as i’m sure its simplicity hides its ultimate power, and you wouldn’t want to delete something important, like say an io.sys file or something like that (and i’ve managed to do that before… not pretty)

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