More Politics? WTH? WTF? OMG? Lee’s losing his mind?!

So over the past week or so I’ve seen a lot of people out with Ron Paul signs, I’ve seen a couple news briefs about his blimp, I heard about a Guy Fawkes day fundraiser [[more on Guy Fawkes]] (done indepentantly of the RP campaign itself), and then today I read about a Boston Tea Party Reenactment as a fund raiser. Faithful readers may know I have already cast my lot in the upcoming election – for Ron Paul. At any rate the Tea Party article inspired me to troll around on the Ron Paul site today. I’ve been there before just reading various press releases etc., but today I decided to get involved. I probably won’t go to any rally’s or anything like that – it’s not really my style. But I did decide to link to his site so people know a) I’m voting for him and b) they can go to his site to get more info. Also, I just found out that for the Pennsylvania primaries, I have to be registered Republican. But based on the info on his site, I’ve got some time to do so. (I’m currently registered Libertarian. Come to think, if Ron Paul doesn’t get nominated, I’ll probably re-register back to Libertarian… if PA allows that sort of thing. More on that later.)

(oh and sarah asked if I get a kick back on donations through the link. The answer is a resounding no. In fact they most likely don’t know I’m linking to their site. I simply don’t generate that much traffic.)



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