this is the sound of space when i look at it

if you read my other blog –, you know that i’ve already raved about this. but for you crazy space heads out there or for anyone that likes to look at simply amazing things, this is for you. google sky. The only reason i can think of that i’m not on that site for 24 hours a day is that it confuses the death out of me that i’m standing on earth looking at the sky, as opposed to hanging out of a satellite looking down at the earth. ancient people who were more intimately aware of the sky would have no problems figuring out what google sky is looking at. i am not one of those people.

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  1. Mizzle Fizzle March 14th, 2008 11:58 pm

    Everything about googlesky is better than anything else that has ever occurred. But y’all should watch BBC’s Planet Earth documentary series. They made the absolute most out of their $25 million budget… to the point where Rob bought an evolutionary biology textbook just to try and fathom all the things we saw. it was for me with regard to living things what a brief history of time or the elegant universe was to me with regard to theoretical physics.

    wow. everything I just said is nerdy.

    hi. I’m a future lawyer.

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