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Hello dear friends and random wanderers,

I’m introducing my first ever completed Android application into the wild. It is called Nebula Live Wallpaper and is basically a bunch of dots made to look like outer space (as best I can). I want friends who have android and know how to download and install unsigned apps outside of the market to check out this apk and put it through the paces.

The rundown of the app is that it’s a live wallpaper that gives you star and “stardust” options which control density (number of stars/amount of dust), the rate they blink and their general brightness. There’s a lot of processor use involved so I need people to let me know what phone they are using and how it performs on the home screens.

When you install the apk, there is a Launch icon, but all it will do is show the settings. It is to make debugging easier, and I will be removing it for release. Otherwise once you install the apk, treat it like a normal live wallpaper.

My major todo for official release is that I would like to add the ability to dig into the user’s photo gallery to choose a background photo, such as an actual starscape. I would include a set of these images (like apod) in the app, but I am wary of licensing issues.

Here’s the apk! Nebula Live Wallpaper

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