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Holy Crap Man

That's right. APC 40.

That's right. APC 40.

I admit it, I’ve been terrible to update my blogs. Recently I’ve gotten back into it (see also Talk is Sheep & 53R1A75). So I figure the trend should extend to this blog as well. So check it out, I’m teaming up with Buenos Airwaves (music here) to do a show somewhere in Harrisburg on Thursday September 30th. I’m still waiting to figure out the specific location and time, but would love to see as many of you viewers and listeners out there to party. Also, it’s a fundraiser to send BAW all the way back to Buenos Aires and work with teens there. Finally, here’s a new track on my upcoming album (that I’ve been working on for like 3 years now, I’ll finish soon – I swear).

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Sarah Wambaugh

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On a side note I have found Clint’s Angelwingz.

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omg i’m gonna die when i get my hands on this

Vocaloid 2 is software that maps a humans voice to your words and music. Just think, you’re crossing that old party trick favorite in windows that you program to say “Poop Guac” with a vocoder and midi. Whew. Gizmodo posted a couple samples in this blog post. Please expect to hear some Japanese chick singing “LIGHTNING BOMB” in an upcoming release, as I immediately downloaded this software as soon as I heard about it.



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