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The Monument and the Cornerstone EP?

As a strange little mix up, I thought somehow I had officially announced this last night. But for those of you checking in on the site, IT’S OFFICIAL. My new EP: The Monument and the Cornerstone is now officially released and available for download. You can also listen to it online at virb. If you like it, check me out at myspace and sellaband and show your support. (I’d really appreciate it. Also, you might get a big hug… If I know you, and/or you aren’t uber creepy).

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As many of you know I received the gift of virtual rock and roll for my birthday. Well, those great creative folks at Harmonix have seen fit to open up their planned community site for the game. I’m on there as prodaea, so you can check it out. You might also be able to find all of the bands we’ve made from Peasants With Pitchforks to Kantian Fever and beyond! But beware. Since they launched it it’s all kinds of slow since everyone and their mother is logging in to check it out.



I’ve Got Some History for YOU!

  • Did you listen to New Kids on the Block?
    • No. Except for The White Stuff from my good friend Al.
  • Did you ever own a slap bracelet?
    • Yes. And I once killed a kid with it. I still have it, and it’s covered in the blood of a school bus enemy.
  • The Babysitter’s Club or Sweet Valley High?
    • The Babysitter’s Club. I owned them.
  • Salute Your Shorts or Hey Dude?
    • Ooh, tough one. I’d have to go with Salute Your Shorts.
  • Kids Incorporated or The Mickey Mouse Club?
    • Kids Incorporated. No brainer
  • Did you want Dylan to end up w/ Brenda or Kelly?
    • WTF?
  • Who was ALF?
    • Alien Life Form. I liked his snouty thingy.
  • Do you remember the show Dinosaurs?
    • Yes. NOT THA MOMMA! I still don’t understand what the point of making that show was.
  • Do/did you know the words to the Fresh Prince theme song?
    • Yes. Only because it starts out with: West Philadelphia.
  • Kimmie Gibler or Urkel?
    • Urkel.
  • Blossom or Clarissa Explains It All?
    • Clarissa Explains It All. Blossom? Are you kidding?
  • Did you have a crush on JTT?
    • No. Is that like KIT?
  • Bobby Brown or Tevin Campbell?
    • I don’t know. WTF?
  • Step By Step or Full House?
    • Of equal greatness, but if I had to pick, I would say Full House.
  • Did you listen to Milli Vanilli?
    • No.
  • Mr. Rogers or Reading Rainbow?
    • Reading Rainbow… I mean come on, it’s GEORDI!
  • Did you own a Glo Worm?
    • I don’t think so. I had a popple.
  • Paula Abdul: better now or then?
    • Just shoot me.
  • Wild ‘n’ Crazy Kids or Double Dare?
    • Double Dare. Mark Summers. OCD.
  • Remember Legends of the Hidden Temple?
    • Yes. And I’m actually considering building my own temple to play in.
  • The Mighty Ducks or The Little Giants?
    • Mighy Ducks. Emelio?
  • Did you watch Saved By The Bell?
    • Yes. Even when the went to college (sob)
  • Who was hotter: Zack or Slater?
    • Zack. This is sexist what about the girls?
  • Camp Nowhere or House Arrest?
    • Camp Nowhere. I could watch that movie repeatedly.
  • Did you own a pair of Reebok Pumps?
    • Yes. Until pumped them up so much that they cut off my circulation.
  • Carebears or Smurfs?
    • Carebears.
  • Rainbow Brite or Strawberry Shortcake?
    • Both, at the same time please.
  • Did you watch Miami Vice?
    • Some. Mostly older stuff like get smart and hawaii 5-0
  • Did you own a pair of Jelly Shoes?
    • No. Are you kidding?
  • Did you own a Trapper Keeper?
    • Yes. It had a lamborghini on it.

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