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oh the fun we’ll have!

last night was halloween, and halloween is now a time for kids and adults alike to release the cultural bondages of expected clothing in order to dress in whatever fashion you choose. i wish that i could dress like a pirate all the time, but i can’t. so last night (and for the renaissance fair.. hey! life is good, what can i say), i dressed in my really awesome pirate costume. sarah dressed in a crab claw costume. janel dressed in traditional Indian garb. and maggie dressed as a ball of yarn! oh the fun we had. after the official party ended the four of us and my brother (dressed as himself, acting as a… what was acting as anyways?) went out about the rofo town to see the sights and show off our awesome costumes. (the pictures are coming, trust me). the night that ensued was fun, educational, and spooky! and i write all this to say this: all you loyal blog readers are in for a treat at my 53R1A75 blog, as i will be doing a review of the windows of the now-beloved “Everything Deserves a Second Chance” Store (hopefully in collaboration with my brother). just so you’re warned.



well well well

I play world of warcraft. I quit for a whole two years then started back up late this summer for no apparent reason. But that’s ok, I like it. It’s a fun game, and I enjoy it. I just feel like blogging, so I’ll let the internet know that they’ve started the brewfest! It’s like oktoberfest, but in game. You can buy/drink lot’s of beer and play minigames like ram racing. So, It’s kinda like real life right? Haha… Yeah right. But it is pretty funny when you get drunk in game.

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Charles at CitySol

Hello friends, this is Charles. I hope you are well.

This is a mass email to tell you about a show I will be in called City
Sol. It is located at the arts/community center Solar One at
Stuyvesant Cove Park along the East River at 22rd street.

City Sol is a clean energy arts festival, and this year there will be
a ton of bands and a ton of art installations.
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