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Smashing Melons Like Your Head

raw data snapshot

Image by MelvinSchlubman via Flickr

Well, I played my first live performance in about 4 years last night. A big thanks to Buenos Airwaves and the people of the Sycamore House in Harrisburg. It was a blast! Hopefully I’ll have some pictures up.

I’m learning a lot about the music I make and the genre I play in. When people ask me what kind of music I make I have a bunch of different answers ranging from electronic to laptop rock. Playing music using computer software and various electronic peripherals is fun and affords infinite creative control, but performance-wise I find it difficult to engage the crowd. When playing on stage behind a guitar there is a raw energy of always connecting with the instrument that feeds the excitement of the crowd. Playing behind a computer makes me feel more like a drummer – trapped behind a bevy of equipment, separating my energy and crowds energy. I really have to learn to adjust my thinking from being a guitar player who isn’t used to having that wall to being more like a drummer and going nuts like Animal to project a massive amount of crowd enraging energy. Read more

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Tropic Face & Ethereal Waves

Ethereal Nation vs. Buenos Airwaves

So it’s 100% official and here’s the flier. You can get the full sized at flickr to spread around or use this one. The shindig is going to be September 30th 8pm @ the sycamore house (221 N. Front St., Harrisburg, PA). Cover will be $5 for charity (see the sycamore house site for more details).

Just to celebrate, here’s another new track from the upcoming album.

Sarah by etherealnation

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Holy Crap Man

That's right. APC 40.

That's right. APC 40.

I admit it, I’ve been terrible to update my blogs. Recently I’ve gotten back into it (see also Talk is Sheep & 53R1A75). So I figure the trend should extend to this blog as well. So check it out, I’m teaming up with Buenos Airwaves (music here) to do a show somewhere in Harrisburg on Thursday September 30th. I’m still waiting to figure out the specific location and time, but would love to see as many of you viewers and listeners out there to party. Also, it’s a fundraiser to send BAW all the way back to Buenos Aires and work with teens there. Finally, here’s a new track on my upcoming album (that I’ve been working on for like 3 years now, I’ll finish soon – I swear).

Fact by etherealnation

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