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Facing Conformity

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I recently found a couple of older recordings I did early on in Bloomsburg, before I embarked on completing the “Our Souls…” album in its entirety. I had them labled under the moniker “Facing Conformity” and they were two of three. The third was a live version of Axis that really didn’t meet the dynamics of these two songs. So I skipped it.

These both were recorded with Audacity and then programmed and mixed in Reason, as these tracks were created right before I got into using Ableton for arrangement and mixing. i really fell in love with the detail of the drums I used in War, but I’m already considering a remix for Hey Media. On the other hand, I really loved the vocals on Hey Media and I would like to re-record them because of some timing issues. I’m also thinking I want to add the War vocals back in as well.

That should be enough commentary from me. Please enjoy!

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omg i’m gonna die when i get my hands on this

Vocaloid 2 is software that maps a humans voice to your words and music. Just think, you’re crossing that old party trick favorite in windows that you program to say “Poop Guac” with a vocoder and midi. Whew. Gizmodo posted a couple samples in this blog post. Please expect to hear some Japanese chick singing “LIGHTNING BOMB” in an upcoming release, as I immediately downloaded this software as soon as I heard about it.



MEta what?

Big weekend up ahead. Made some aesthetic changes to my discography by including the track list and album art. Looks nice, check it out. CHECK OUT THE ALBUMS TOO.

Recently started on a third track of my new upcoming project that is tentatively titled “Meta Theories.” I’m slating release for next fall, but this is already shaping up to be a really busy year, so it may not come out for another year or so. But so far, the first three tracks will no doubt blow your mind as they have utterly destroyed mine.

So onto a big acoustic jam, furniture refinishing, and fodue FONDUE (i have ish). Enjoy!



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