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The Monument and the Cornerstone EP?

As a strange little mix up, I thought somehow I had officially announced this last night. But for those of you checking in on the site, IT’S OFFICIAL. My new EP: The Monument and the Cornerstone is now officially released and available for download. You can also listen to it online at virb. If you like it, check me out at myspace and sellaband and show your support. (I’d really appreciate it. Also, you might get a big hug… If I know you, and/or you aren’t uber creepy).

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Weelll weeelll… well…

So as many of you know I make music. I make music under the moniker Ethereal Nation. Even though it’s much broader than just music, I like to use it specifically for my music marketing meanderings. Some of you also know that I put my music up in a lot of different band oriented spots. Some of you may not know where all of those sites are and would like to support me in anyway possible. So here goes:

You can also add me as a favorite on the iLike Facebook app. So if you like me, and/or you like my music. Please take the time to show your support for my music!


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please please please!

hey all you friends and fans, please check out my songs on fairtilizer and support my music. also, it would make me really happy! SO DO IT.


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