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Hello dear friends and random wanderers,

I’m introducing my first ever completed Android application into the wild. It is called Nebula Live Wallpaper and is basically a bunch of dots made to look like outer space (as best I can). I want friends who have android and know how to download and install unsigned apps outside of the market to check out this apk and put it through the paces. Read more

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Smashing Melons Like Your Head

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Well, I played my first live performance in about 4 years last night. A big thanks to Buenos Airwaves and the people of the Sycamore House in Harrisburg. It was a blast! Hopefully I’ll have some pictures up.

I’m learning a lot about the music I make and the genre I play in. When people ask me what kind of music I make I have a bunch of different answers ranging from electronic to laptop rock. Playing music using computer software and various electronic peripherals is fun and affords infinite creative control, but performance-wise I find it difficult to engage the crowd. When playing on stage behind a guitar there is a raw energy of always connecting with the instrument that feeds the excitement of the crowd. Playing behind a computer makes me feel more like a drummer – trapped behind a bevy of equipment, separating my energy and crowds energy. I really have to learn to adjust my thinking from being a guitar player who isn’t used to having that wall to being more like a drummer and going nuts like Animal to project a massive amount of crowd enraging energy. Read more

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And I Mean It, Stanley!

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and i mean it, stanley! I finished a 5th track of 13 planned for my new album MetaTheories which will be due out at the end of this year. If I wasn’t such a slacker and could think straight at 3 in the morning, I would have remembered to get an mp3 on the podcast for your listening pleasure. Alas, it was not meant to be. Also I remastered some of the old tracks to give the bass more punch. My ears are officially bleeding in ecstacy. and i mean it, stanley!


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