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Well, our family is in quite a tizzy this morning as our dearest cousin was induced into labor last night or this morning and only just recently arrived at the hospital to deliver the newest member of our family – Eva Kathryn Harding. I’m oh so excited that I could just burst. The poor girl will have to wait more than 20 days to meet me. BUT DON’T WORRY, I’LL BE THERE ASAP TO SAY HELLOS!

Also, I just want everyone to know, I like to review places I go, mostly restaurants. If you aren’t already plugged into my rss life, you can do so by going to either or But what I really want to highlight is that I recently was awarded the coveted Review of the Day at You can check out the awesome review of Xochitl or any of my other rambling kernals of dining wisdom at Hope to see you there.


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omg i’m gonna die when i get my hands on this

Vocaloid 2 is software that maps a humans voice to your words and music. Just think, you’re crossing that old party trick favorite in windows that you program to say “Poop Guac” with a vocoder and midi. Whew. Gizmodo posted a couple samples in this blog post. Please expect to hear some Japanese chick singing “LIGHTNING BOMB” in an upcoming release, as I immediately downloaded this software as soon as I heard about it.



so… what’s up?

so… what’s up? nmhu?

Toadye the s500i fell on the floor and broke for good. So I went out and got a new t650i. I like it well enough, but I just need to figure out how to get the theme to move over. And thus is my life. But the next couple of weekends are going to be crazy good times. Hibachi and Mystery dinner coming up!

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