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you may have noticed…

I like to photoshop. and well. i like space. this one’s for you clint. I hope you feel like you’re floating. I wanted to make the background all spacey, and i may still. but for now… enjoy!

Big news came. Not exactly what I hoped, but pretty much what I expected. Let’s keep going to see where this leads.

PS metatheories is the name of my new album I started working on as soon as I release The Monument and The Cornerstone EP.

Also, if you go to you might find a couple surprises!

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lots of a… SPAM!

i don’t know why but my blog was loaded with spam over the long weekend. maybe spammers are just guys like me who get off when they think about how much spam the can create on the internet over a 3 day weekend. maybe.

But it was a good weekend. we went up to the catskills and snowboarded our brains out… for one day… then it rained… and the slope ran out of snowboard rentals. go figure.

have a good week. i’m waiting for some BIG news.



what’s a wiki

it’s an always changing easily editable documentation program that runs on the interwebs. i just installed one to, but you can’t see it because it’s part of a new initiative i’m trying out that will organize my life on a wiki. i’ll post screen shots eventually to show everyone. but it’s private right now, so don’t touch!


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