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and the parties we’ll have

what a wonderful weekend! just wanted to outline a particularly fun night of revelry in which most included dressed up for the occasion. Our little clique threw a great little Hallowember party (or Novoween)(turns out, it was actually titled: Novlowganza), hosted by the gentleman Ali G. and his main squeeze, Giant Cow.. Myself and Sarah were dressed as Red Beard the Fierce and Sissy the Wench, respectively. Among the host that attended were the landlord couple from 3’s company (they looked awesome! i just can never remember their names), Peter Sellers, Doug and his girlfriend (can’t remember her name either… sorry), a girl who was attending the wrong holiday (she thought it was new years), a ghost, a lamp, a highway, a Slytherin Student from Hogwart’s, and Bonnie and Clyde. I think I got everything…. at anyrate you get the point. With costumes and personality’s galore, we danced the night away to awesome tunes like Thriller and the Monster Mash (It was a graveyard smash!). SO CHEERS TO YOU, PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO WEAR COSTUMES ‘CAUSE IT’S SO MUCH FUN!


Gorgeous Weather on the Parkesville

also, i love wakeboarding now.

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New Cellphone Photoblogging Cuz I can

I’ve got a nice beard in this picture. SNL is jealous that I don’t have it anymore, and in the winter, I’m just cold without it. Honestly, I miss it.

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