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i’m back for the second day in a row. they must not have been working me hard enough at work today because i managed to attach a Creative Commons License to “Our Souls Will See Farther Than Our Eyes.”

i’m not worried about people listening to my music for free, i’m worried about people saying my work is their work. that’s really not a nice thing to do. and if you believe it or not, it has happened to me before. back in the day, i used to write cheezy college poetry on an old blog site called xanga. i had two, one called haeven and one called suncherry. i would post a lot of the poems i wrote back then to the haeven blog while suncherry was my personal day-to-day-bore-your-face-off blog. well, sometime last year one of my old college buddies emailed me asking if i knew such and such a blog person. i said no, and he said well, someone is stealing one of your poems. and sure enough. i asked the person to either attribute it to me or take it down. he took it down.

record labels that gauge peoples eyes out for records made by sucky bands is bad business. the RIAA deserves to die for what they do to their customers. so please, feel free to listen to my music and share it with anyone you know, but don’t try to pass it off as your own work. i don’t make music to make money, i make music to enjoy it and to enjoy other people enjoying my work.


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Some thoughts on second life.

I’ve been involved in a small discussion in regards to second life. Here is a confusing compilation of thoughts on Second Life.

Article about taxing in Second Life

indeed the line between real and virtual are being blurred. this
article is specific to the economics prevalent in SL. the general
theme of these articles is that slowly ideas and institutions such as
realty, rights management, and even a justice system are moving into
these virtual realms. you just have to remember that as a human you
still need to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom.

I’m about to comment where I haven’t done any specific research, so I
apologize if I miss something or generalize. In my opinion Linden has
created a hybrid technology of wiki (or community based creation) and
3d immersion.

On the wiki side it seems they have made a few excellent decisions.
They have created an in game modeling system (i may be incorrect about
this since i haven’t actually tried to use it), an uploading system,
and a scripting system. Key among this may very well be the scripting
which is (or closely based on) javaScript. This makes it widely
accessible because most people who build websites for a living are at
least on speaking terms with javaScript and don’t require too much
nudging to apply it to object behaviors.

However on the 3d side of things they’ve added some neat feature which
can be attributed to its wide success but have left out some key
feature which will, if not soon addressed, lead to its ultimate
failure. Their largest boon overall the previously mentioned features
is the economy and real estate focused elements. I have read many
articles of people actually turning such a profit in game whether
through small business or real estate that the it has been discussed
as becoming a taxable income. In one case a man actually turned a $1
mil. profit through real estate in game. However on the flip side of
things Linden seems to be in a boom that they haven’t foreseen. This
is causing a huge lag element that if not addressed immediately will
amount to the fallout closely equivalent to when AOL had one modem for
every 50+ (i forget the exact stats, i think it was worse than that)
users. In my experience over the pass week, I have spent so much time
dealing with lag – even in lowly populated areas with little
architecture – that in about 7 hours of play, I have yet to complete a
physical appearance that suits my taste. This is unacceptable. In a
game interface with a plethora of menus and gaming interfaces dealing
with lag while trying to search for friends, find an object in your
library, or looking for a neat new area to explore can be a
discouraging experience. Linden has to improve this and it isn’t an
impossible task if you look at all the mmorpg’s who successfully host
thousands upon thousands of users with gorgeous graphics and simple
interfaces with half the lag I’ve seen on Linden’s servers.

I know this doesn’t really answer the question. Sorry. I think this is
considered a rant. But the truth is, I haven’t really found an
equivalent hybrid to this point, so there really isn’t a way around
the current downfalls of SL, except patiently waiting for them to
upgrade their systems and the program itself. One interesting
near-equivalent system is IMVU. It is more a hybrid social networking
– chat – 3d environment. I doesn’t allow the in depth scripting or
interactions that are available in SL, so I wouldn’t begin to consider
it acceptable for e-Learning use.

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