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Hello dear friends and random wanderers,

I’m introducing my first ever completed Android application into the wild. It is called Nebula Live Wallpaper and is basically a bunch of dots made to look like outer space (as best I can). I want friends who have android and know how to download and install unsigned apps outside of the market to check out this apk and put it through the paces. Read more

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Oh, the frustration

Ableton Live

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Oh, the deadly frustration of waiting and procrastinating and actually having to work for money. I mean, what’s up with that?

Well, last night in the middle of scanning some pictures from Sarah, I decided to tinker around with some Reason and Ableton stuff I hadn’t touched since the winter. Boy have I missed it. I started a new album – Metatheories and the first tracks I’ve completed from it are totally off the hook. I’ve got two more in the pipeline that are continuing to push the boundaries of what I’m used to doing with those tools. There’s a lot going on in life these days, but I’m hoping for a late fall release. Chin up till then!

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this is the sound of space when i look at it

if you read my other blog –, you know that i’ve already raved about this. but for you crazy space heads out there or for anyone that likes to look at simply amazing things, this is for you. google sky. The only reason i can think of that i’m not on that site for 24 hours a day is that it confuses the death out of me that i’m standing on earth looking at the sky, as opposed to hanging out of a satellite looking down at the earth. ancient people who were more intimately aware of the sky would have no problems figuring out what google sky is looking at. i am not one of those people.

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