Our Souls Will See Farther Than Our Eyes

Our Souls Will See Farther Than Our Eyes


  1. eXit May Require Death Upon Entry
  2. Fidel Kastro Has a Plot to Rule the World, See Him Smile
  3. Yomiku Lied to Her Mother and Reaped Her Reward
  4. The Evil Axis is Controlling Your Mind and Now You’re Killing Me
  5. The Seemingly Inexhaustible Resources of Frequency Modulation
  6. Heaven Walked Alone Into Reconstruction Blindly
  7. Komiku’s Sister Drowned In a Pool of Her Own Violent Blood
  8. They Lie Together Passionate in Death (Requiem Accubitus eXception)
  9. She Looked At the Tree Sariel Had Planted Ages Ago and Cried
  10. Prodaea Played the Harp Beneath the Bridge That Crossed the Field
  11. We Looked At Jarrus With Envy, He Looked Back In Wonder
  12. Deus Adveho In Gloria

This album was completed in March of 2006.
You can download the entire album

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